Home Energy Balancing Kit

Home Energy Balancing Kit


whole house harmonization

and protection

from negative energy qualities

Home Energy Balancing Kit
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The Home Energy Balancing Kit is something that we utilize in our home as well as during travel.  The kit is a collection of Biogeometry retail products which can be place throughout the home according to the instructions provided. Biogeometry’s official description of this product is below:

The BioGeometry Home Energy-Balancing Kit was developed and tested as an individual home solution, to be used to reduce the symptoms suffered from environmental stress.

The 1 cube home kit covers an area of approximately 3000 sq. ft.

The Home Energy Balancing Kit includes the following:

1 x Home Energy-Balancing Cube

1 x BioGeometry Clearing Tray

3 x Electricity Attachments. ( labeled with E ) 1 x 16/19 attachment ( labeled with E.P. )

2 x Water Attachments

8 x L90 Stickers


The instructions provided with your kit advise with clear guidelines how and where to place or apply these items.

*Note: if adding any additional cubes (spaces larger than 3,000 sf) each cube needs to be a minimum of 45 feet apart for the best effect.

BioGeometry is not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment but is a long-term environmental support for the body’s energy system and all types of treatment. Under no circumstances should BioGeometry products replace professional medical treatment.

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