We produce artisanal self care offerings and curated wellness experiences around the World. Our collection is featured at some of our favorite spas and hotels, such as California’s iconic Auberge du Soleil and the Nobu Ryokan in Malibu.

After spending a decade establishing the Be Here farm in Saint Helena, CA, the source of our ingredients, our family relocated to Austin, TX, where we spend our time dedicated to family, Earth care, self care, and being spirituality moved by the seasons.

Our collection is made entirely of whole medicinal foods sourced from biodynamic or otherwise regenerative farmers, respectfully harvested in the wild, or grown by hand on our family farm, straddling the County lines between Sonoma and Napa. There are no lab-derived ingredients, stabilizing, or preserving agents of any kind other than Biodynamic Olive Oil, Raw Honey, and Sea Salt.  

“When you have ingredients as pure as these, the next thing to do is as little as possible.”

Our botanicals are minimally processed utilizing methods such as solar infusion, distillation, honey preservation, or dehydration to capture the Earth’s bounty, preserving it as food and medicine for the coming year like ancestors of old from all traditions.

Be Here offerings and LIVE experiences reconnect us with Mother Earth.  

This reunion is our birthright and destiny. 

Jared and Velisa Pickard
Founders, Be Here