Why do I wear my BioGeometry BioSignature pendant every day?

Why do I wear my BioGeometry BioSignature pendant every day?


Interest in sacred geometry, the underlying mathematical principles one can see throughout life, has been studied by sincere mystics and scholars for as long as we have stories.  Some of mankind’s built sacred sites, such as the Great Pyramids in Egypt, where Dr. Karim, the founder of Biogeometry was raised near, spending his entire life immersed in its wonder, are where this quest for mankind to unpack these principles can be seen and felt in impressive display.  But one need not necessarily travel to such places to feel such ways.

There are very few things I wear every day.  At least in my case, the phone tends to also be my wallet and keys, so the classic “check list” is now redundant.  For me, instead of “phone, wallet, keys” it is “phone, water, pendant”.  Never leave home without 'em.  While phone and water may speak for themselves, I found myself wondering how the Biogeometry BioSignature pendant became such a necessary mainstay on my body.  

Spoiler Alert

I failed to find an answer that goes beyond “It feels right.”  And yet, at the end of the day, something feeling right on your body (or in your life, such as a relationship), is a form of “body wisdom” that need not be questioned or verified through weights and measures. According to Rudolf Steiner’s teachings, the body is the oldest and wisest part of ourselves, as differentiated from our more emotional, spiritual soul bodies, or our ego/I-being body. 

Tapping into body wisdom through what feels right is one of the most important guidance/tracking systems a human can develop.  [note: feels right is not referring to short “rushes” such as alcohol or gambling sprees which may not feel right on the whole.  Feels right refers to the feelings and feedback a person gets when they are living in alignment with Nature and their highest dream in life.] 

What does the BioSignature pendant do?

The BioGeometry website will let you know that the pendant contains a collection of “BioSignatures, which are precisely constructed linear diagrams that have the same geometric resonant configurations as specific vital energy patterns within the organs in the body”. 

Skeptics stop here...

If the above description from BioGeometry does not intrigue you, or if it sounds ridiculous, then there is nothing more of interest I can share on this topic.  Please check out some of our other writings!

Curious continue...

I can describe from my own personal experience that wearing a Biosignature pendant, from an energetic quality perspective, feels to me like a mix between drinking a cup of chicken soup and pulling on wool socks, if somehow that feeling was also an effective shield from the impact of detrimental energy fields, and as a further benefit of that shielding, you felt centered, aligned, and vital.  Not bad for a necklace.   

Personally speaking, again, I can share that I have used my BioSignature pendant in a variety of ways, including as a meditative tool, a “BG3 emitter” to direct beneficial, healing energy to a minor pain, as an impromptu pendulum, as a tool for blessing food or water, and of course, for looking handsome.  In seriousness, it does start a lot of conversations.   

Try one on!

I find it best to simply try one on (should you know somebody who has one).  As an interesting counterpoint, the recommendation I picked up during the Biogeometry foundational student course was “not to share your tools” with other people.  In my own experience, however,  I have allowed quite a few friends to try them on, only to later find them in the same position as myself; “a daily user”.  Which makes me happy.    

When I forget to wear it

When I am not wearing my pendant I feel much more vulnerable to the everpresent onslaught of energetic frequencies we bathe in as modern people.  When I wear it, I feel secure in my energetic envelope.  I feel grounded and alert.  I feel protected.  I feel balanced.  From the perspective of Biogeometry, these experiences are not coincidental, they are the intended outcome.   

How does the pendant and Biogeometry work?

According to the Biogeometry official descriptions, all biogeometry tools or items are “calibrated” or “harmonized” to be in resonance with an energetic quality that they (Biogeometry) have named “BG3”. 

They go on to explain that BG3 is present in the center of all things throughout Nature, as well as at thresholds of space (such as where a tree pierces a horizon line) or time (such as an equinox, solstice, sunrise, or sunset).  Although all things have centers, not all things are centered

Biogemetry uses shapes, colors, motion, orientation, and sound to produce a vibrational quality designed to interact with the earth’s energy fields and to produce balancing (centering) effects within humans and other living organisms within the environment.

Never Spirit without matter, never matter without Spirit

Much like Rudolf Steiner combines spiritual and scientific principles in his work, the Biogeometry worldview is firmly rooted in both domains.  There are non-visible, non-physical (psychic, mental, emotional), scientifically non-verifiable benefits and positive feelings that one can directly experience when they are saturated in BG3 (such as when wearing a pendant, visiting a sacred site, or otherwise sitting in a high BG3 environment), which are left open to the person's perception and interpretation.   

Integrating Biogeometry in your life

These tools are not curealls, and are certainly not medical devices or meant to act in any way as a replacement for any medical or health protocol.  You can sit in a high BG3 environment all day long eating fast food and watching garbage tv and you are not likely to feel well, despite the presence of BG3.  

The very same thing is true for our entire collection of self-care products (which is why the Biogeometry collection fits so well alongside ours).  It does not matter if you put on our Summer Solstice Serum or Wet Mask every day if they are not incorporated into a holistic and regenerative lifestyle on the whole.  I view Biogeometry products the same way.  Every day I try my best to drink clean water, eat clean food, treat my body right (including the use of our products), wear my Biogeometry pendant, and hope that doing so may inspire others to do the same.